Centralizing Data Management with Salesforce

Learn how Red Tab Foundation simplified data management with the help of Formstack and Salesforce.

The Red Tab Foundation benefits Levi Strauss & Co. employees and retirees through critical aid and education programs. When the nonprofit organization wanted to bring greater visibility and efficiency to its fundraising and programming data processes, they opted for a total systems overhaul—with help from Salesforce and Formstack.


The Red Tab Foundation is a small organization that has just three full-time and six part-time staff members. To manage data, the team was using two separate databases—one for programs and one for fundraising—and, thus, had segmented data. In an effort to bring the information together to get a more complete picture, they were manually importing and exporting data into spreadsheets.

“When we were looking back over the past year and considering some of our challenges, we noted that we were working very hard for our data,” said Program Coordinator and Salesforce Admin Melissa Reyes.

RTF needed a single system that could meet both programming and fundraising needs. They also needed a system that would save staff time, mitigate the risk of errors from manual data handling, and provide accessibility to two different populations (employees and retirees).

“We were paying a lot of money for systems that, in the end, still weren’t capturing the data we needed them to,” Reyes said. “We had to do a lot of data manipulation outside the systems.”


Reyes and her team decided the best solution was to replace their tools and revamp their processes. They started by implementing Salesforce, then adopted other tools within the Salesforce ecosystem, including Forms for Salesforce.

Salesforce centralizes the nonprofit organization’s data, giving team members a full view of both program and fundraising data in one system. Formstack automates the flow of information through native fundraising forms, assistance request forms, event registration forms and more.

“The big kicker for us with Formstack was that it’s native to Salesforce, so we only needed one login,” Reyes said. “Also, we were able to use form fields and lists that were created from Salesforce.”


Implementing the Salesforce data management platform and Formstack’s native online form app has had a significant impact on the Red Tab Foundation in several areas.

First, the nonprofit is saving over $20,000 per year in software subscriptions since they were able to eliminate multiple tools in the move to Salesforce.

Second, Reyes and her team are now making connections they weren’t able to make when their data was segmented. For instance, they are discovering cases where a previous grantee is now a donor or where a long-time donor has become a grantee.

“We’re really figuring out the benefits of what our programs offer and finding different ways to tell our story,” Reyes said.

Third, the organization’s call center has become much more efficient due to automated processes, which helped streamline more than 750 call requests that came in during the first few months with the new processes. Previously, when the call center received an incoming grantee request, they’d fill out a templated email and send it to an email inbox. Reyes would review the email for certain parameters and then forward it to the appropriate case manager. Now, they’re using Formstack forms to submit the necessary information on new and follow-up requests, and the submitted data automatically creates leads or tasks in Salesforce for case managers.

“We’ve used Salesforce and Formstack to automate a previously manual process,” Reyes said. “And in doing so, we’ve found that we now have access to new data that we weren’t collecting before, like how many new cases we’re taking versus follow-ups.”

Finally, through the power of native Salesforce forms, RTF raised over $22,000 with its Run for Red Tab employee aid event, brought in 27% more attendees year over year, and hosted its first-ever virtual run. Using Conditional Logic, the nonprofit simplified the online event registration process by using one form for all potential attendees (Levi Strauss & Co. employees, retirees, and friends and family).

“The biggest piece of feedback we received throughout the whole event was just how easy the new form was and how people found it so accessible compared to previous years,” Reyes said.

Want to learn more? Watch this webinar to hear directly from Red Tab Foundation.

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Saved money

Saved over $20k/year in software subscriptions

Simplified workflows

Automated call center operations and streamlined 750+ call requests

Made a difference

Raised over $22k for an employee aid event and boosted registrations by 27% YoY

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The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) is a nonprofit organization that provides critical aid to Levi Strauss & Co. employees and retirees who are suffering through unexpected financial emergencies. The organization helps roughly 1,000 people per year meet basic life necessities in the face of life-threatening health conditions, natural disasters, and more.
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